Survey and portal data

Here at SuperByte we take privacy seriously, our surveys do not ask for any  personal information, so therefore data collected is anonymous. Our assessment is that we do not hold any ‘personally identifiable information’ (PII) and so GDPR does not apply to our Surveys.

For survey administrators we do require an email address, this personal information is held in accordance with our GDPR policy.

For survey and portal administrators, from time to time we would like to contact you with details of other SuperByte platform updates and new product information.

Survey specific

When  a survey is closed only SuperByte employees and your organisations authorised survey administrator or appointed agent will have access to the anonymised data through SSL access to analytics. This is controlled via a login (email) and password.

We do use data collected for insight articles and as a benchmarking tool, the results contribute to the SuperByte insights database. This allows us to report on how a survey has performed in comparison to the amalgamated data which sits in our SuperByte database. 

When a survey is closed, the dashboard results can contain a benchmark comparison to show how the client survey has performed against Company and / or all respondents.

The database is purely used as a benchmark to identify global trends, to support our client insights and any SuperByte (or SuperAgent) publications.